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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 1:30pm-2:00pm EST

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it's. good to have you with this is r.t. live here in moscow top stories now pakistan has decided to boycott crucial talks on afghanistan's future next week and a bid to cut back on corporation with washington already strained at toys so to a new low after recent nato airstrike on army checkpoints killed twenty four pakistani soldiers. british prime strongholds as public sector workers walk out over the pensions of the country's biggest strike for a generation some cuban people are taking part nationwide thousands of schools and offices are closed hospitals have been forced to focus on emergency care. britain
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orders the iranian embassy in london to close as the diplomatic rift after violent protesters stormed the british compound in toronto you can react to the siege by pulling on its own embassy staff from iran. and egypt claimed to be leading the polls in the country's first parliamentary election since a fall of hosni mubarak there's been a record turnout and official results are expected within hours. but we've got another summary of our main stories in about fifteen minutes from now in the meantime two years might sound like a long time but when you try to finish building an olympic city from scratch and the heat is certainly on the russian resort of sochi may still resemble a construction site but organizers of the twenty fourteen winter games there say everything will be ready in time to hold them to their word the president of the international olympic committee has just paid a visit a special interview next on r.t. .
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and. there again the president of the international olympic committee it's so great to have you here with us in sochi and i know it's not your first time in the city and start your first time inspecting and i linked facility what is preferable to actually modernize existing facilities to a big city like in london thank over beijing build everything from scratch like in sochi the world we have no preference between you two would on the pipes of project what grounds you the quality of the game for the at least are we for the welfare of the athletes and then we have two options either we go back to something that has already organized the games have been referred to refurbish and we are graded. from referred to a part of your country would be the complex like the ones or three. vadra said
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because i think the quality of the game for good at least comes first but if you've been expecting such a now how's it looking what have you seen so far so far very. good team and. we respect that all the deadlines we see you strong support of probably good government but also the corporate world and the russian federation is very supportive there is you begin to see where the population so we are now at the cost of a winter olympics in sochi it's actually estimated between twenty and thirty billion dollars which is ten times more than games and then called it from what you've seen is this cost justify it absolutely now you have to distinguish the operational cost from the investments by the government. the operational costs that is what it costs to organize the games for a period of a month he said two billion us dollars this is the same sum as vancouver
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this is the same service to the notion of the operational cost do not or member. of your original cost are funded by local sponsorship by picket sales but also by support of the international olympic committee the organizing committee. makes a difference is the fact that in some countries you need to build from scratch everything this is the case in sochi be first this is a new sport resort in vancouver we had just to upgrade the existing winter sports is old but that makes a difference but you cannot count this cost as being done for during the games and the weeks of competition this is going to leave a great legacy to the country you will have in sochi the russian federation a state of the winter sports resort region something that did not exist before it will have an average rate of the of the airport that would benefit for the
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population we would have new roads a new pros history a new sewage system so it's not just a game it is a city as a whole do you think that whatever is being built in sochi right now for there would winter olympics could also be used. as a venue for other massive international sports events you would have the formula one crowd create or you could stage regional events you can stage were championships and you will states who are championships and the winter sports are severely big games for many many i know that security is also among the top issues during the olympic games just how much of a challenge. in sochi compared to london for example you cannot compare to a country securities are always a paramount importance we have hardware in munich seventy two. the security has to be on top of the priorities and it is on top of it it is the work of the local
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local authorities it is the work of government they only have the means to do for security and i trust completely the russian authorities in this respect for example when you choose a time you for a little cames teetotal into consideration the mentality of the people who are hosting i mean the locals for example and in sochi games. the games are not organized by the international olympic committee we supervise we advise we support financially but the whole i whole identity piece made by the local organizing committee to look at. the sale of games in athens this was the identity of coming back to these reefs and saying friend. you know the game. beijing identity was the most populous country in the world. will be the city that has invented modern sport because football and many other sports were invented in england so the identity would be something very local always so she would have its
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own identity but if you think about it in your own words what makes sochi so special for i don't. have a lot of special things differently it will represent the winter aspect of your climate that your country of course in the summer is not the case but for sure it's been a twenty five foot snow and ice and winter i mean the even you history winter spring a major role in conflicts and wars sochi with definitely also the unique combination of beautiful see the black sea and the mountains you don't have that many times because it is close vicinity of fairly high mountains with petrol snow and the sea and that being so that's going to be unique so. unique. circumstances sparks of the nature of the search are. thanks yeah absolutely one other subject i know that you've admitted that illegal betting is one of the main threats to modern
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sports i was wondering how can i you see prevented is that even in your power to do something about it. we can do a lot by monitoring the sports results we can do a lot and that's what we are doing we can do a lot by monitoring. the thing. we see and of noble profile of the i think for the kind of match then we can start to inquiry and we do this with governments because we need the support of government to crack down the street and some say that doping is even less. illegal that in which we agree nowadays. dangerous force or i think are betting up with them side by side i think there's not one of these more important than the others we have to fight do. we have to fight. bigger better just because we've been talking so much lately about in the combatting everyone's interested in what is it exactly i mean how hard is it
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to track down these people what are they called illegal callers are they lonely criminals or is it like an organized crime group you have to perhaps you have to look at this. you have the organized crime whether we would really be criminal gangs very high bets support for assault and then they go and see the actually thought the coach or the trainer they might need to get the results of the match and this kind of you know generate a huge amount of money and all of that is now possible because of broadband internet because you need to communicate from one. country or one part of the rock or another this bad thing if really very sophisticated how big of a share of business isn't can you compare it to something like track trafficking and prostitution or it's not that purport. the f.b.i. has calculated that there was more than one hundred fifty million u.s.
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dollars in illegal betting last year per year yes that's fifty. you can't open a newspaper nowadays we've got hearing about that as being a match fixing a country a country be hard for you see it is widespread throughout the world you know that long been pulling the kings will mark the end of your leadership i see what would you say is your successes greatest challenge. to save us my child and i mean you know definitely the child of us will be the quality of the games charges that will be to come play in the course of the complexity of the games not to make them to be to try for that we hope for. the challenge will be to five don't bring to fight the diva but i think that there is a role for something we've progressed. to make young kids move more because that is a lot of movement and many young kids. and from the t.v.
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screen be. a p.c. or to feed your game on i pad or television and many confiscates are sitting too much end up moving the streets who are basically. other diseases like diabetes so we have to keep the young people moving and that's also my responsibility and they're one of my success and second president of the international olympic committee thank you for this interview my pleasure. and so much more curious. to see. one of the. people of the history of adopting. oh please limit slice in the smallest place.
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to the slopes to. make sure i'm on site i'll just say. science technology exists like the city this lasts on t.v. . i had to push a ten year old boy. keep it up we as officers develop the orders for them so. we never use them why it's ok. most people at the point of looking down in time to pull the trigger became conscientious objectors. remember we see trigger i don't remember seeing him go down i remember is that we shall attempt such.
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luck the fire soldiers. soldiers do it so they're trying to kill us we're trying to kill them i just hope we face a war. each . other possible. i went to the war zone and i started seeing now i need to check. in on a way to do their job or i will fill out a first that's why i'm applying for concerts oh. oh. i don't watch the show and saying long. and waiting for you
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to stumble. i soon manned with a video camera so i moved over and he phoned me some us up here we realized there were following everyone in the morning most of us and. the only chance to get him. is to read deal him. cheating it. was the.
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top stories this hour pakistan has decided to boycott crucial talks on afghanistan's future next week and a bit to cut back on cooperation with washington ready strained ties sunk to a new low after a recent nato airstrike on army checkpoints killed twenty four pakistani soldiers. britain grinds to a halt as public sector workers walk out of a pensions on the country's biggest strike for generations some two million people are taking part nationwide thousands of schools and offices are closed on hospitals are being forced to focus on emergency. can. britain nor does the iranian embassy in london to close the diplomatic rift part of on the protesters stormed the british compound in toronto u.k.
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reacting to the siege by putting on its own embassy staff from. a record number of egyptians turn up to cast their vote in parliamentary elections but topping the demonstrations remain skeptical saying the poll is meaningless as parliament is ruled by the military. more news stories in less than fifteen minutes from now in the meantime sports news next with. thanks bill hello welcome to sport an artsy coverage see a live from moscow with me with my calls for let's take a look at the headlights thirst. match they thought they were awfully resumes on wednesday as twelve games are taking place across the continent. points of emphasis looking at the need to draw better against this ensure that runs to the knockout stages like they give up on the. whites and makes right your jersey nets owner
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mikhail prokhorov said to be pursuing one of n.b.a.'s mulls solomon and big ben white power. and a big night football in europe second the competition with plenty of teams of vying for the knockout stages of the europe and leak russian interests lies with being who are battling the shamrock rovers in their group a encounter this could work in that line that moment is for one serbian ball repeat of course are gearing up for a huge clash against group leaders fall to the week's time while celtic welcome a return of captain scott brown and six hundred kelvin wilson in their battle with the threads on the grid to score intact one is right now one email to the visitors a practical madrid now at celtic looking to remedy soon the last of the standards in their first group game group game is on a three way tie of the group h. and are currently. one in the losing group h.
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and are currently. just one nil against group get this right reins have their back against the wall and must win against luton as if to stay alive in the europa league into scoring that one is still. moving on ukrainians mentalists hearted girl power and beaten in six european games this season with four wins and two draws the high ticket side will advance into the round of thirty two with victory over austria b.n. the score there is two one at the moment netherlands a.z. alkmaar aiming to end their run of fourteen european away games without a win in the battle against nadal in sweden twenty seven year old league runners up drug output also confirmed their spots in the knockout round if they can be to birmingham city for the second time in the competition. so at hand will be up against paul core group table toppers and groupings all coming opponents russian remount probably a chunk was set to be in the starting line up for this game but his unexpected knee
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injury will keep him away from the action meeting jermain defoe will digging out front now the english men are just a point behind the greeks and art side with little being on points but are still on the third goal difference that means that harry redknapp said men should try to edge this clash in order to escape a stressful finish off the group stage in two weeks' time. it's a must win game i don't think so if you look at the group with a point beyond. you surely can see rubin be you know the sheriff going to ruin a very difficult game for anybody so you get a phase you don't get maximum points and group stage matches will continue on thursday where and the other side from russia a lot on the t.v. moscow have everything in their hands to book a place in the knockout stage as they holes austria's storm the muscovites will be satisfied with just a point in their last hole match as here across parts of has more well come on t.v.
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suffered only one defeat in four matches of the europa league in a clash against under lect uncomfortably seed second three points behind the belgium side with two matches still to go and use years european campaign they host can be a place in a knockout stage in the upcoming lanch against third place from grass. we have a very strong will to get to the beach on thursday and to win so that we can be positive a bar of future in the europa league i want to remind you that local more t.v. alongside will be needed are the only three teams still participating in the premier league the russian card and european competitions just like a serious man look to close the door for sure and to keep their success in the opening match day where the but i mean i mean the situation netted goals in a two minute spell in the first half that's only railway man coming from behind to clinch it to one away when. there are no concerns about the match there is no snow
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the weather is good and the pitch is in good condition so we are eager to win our last time match however is going to be a tough challenge for the committee as five key players are still injured and the moscow side suffered two straight defeats in the domestic league being edged by rival sparta and zinni edition it always happens in football when you're on a good run everyone is happy and you hear only positive comments but as as soon. you start losing everything is vice versa it's managers blame for everything but i'm confident that our team is ready for the flush still hopes of fridge and look out stage as in these michelin douceur inside needs to goals and victory to keep their dream life while looking much you can secure their place in the rooms of thirty two was just a point from their last film this year because they about out of. moscow meanwhile russian premier league says they need st petersburg could be under fire from you a far as the organization sakes another look at
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a recent champions league group stage incident the st petersburg fans cited for showing illegal banners and using small bombs during their size hole match against cypriots out well the gold is a draw in st petersburg proved to be quite an eventful matched you to be off the pitch incidents referees were forced to stop the game after a small fill the entire field and it's a six minute the players did return to finish the match a few minutes later but that game did not go unnoticed by the u.a.e. professionals under the rules zeke would receive a fine be forced to play several home matches in an empty arena or even be excluded from the champions league participation all together you're a place to discuss the matter on december the ninth. manchester city have booked a place in the semifinals of the carling cup following a one nil win against arsenal it remains a goal list until the eighty fourth minute one substitute. for the winner so city
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joined cardiff in the last four who saw all black burn at home to nail liverpool west any dalglish's charges scored to an answer goals at chelsea the semifinal draw will be made after the last quarter final clash between manchester united and crystal palace only one state. and spanish football barcelona have moved within three points of current legal leaders real madrid after a four nil by three over iraq. alex sanchez found. back of the net weiss for the catalans of the knockout count the goals came and that's when i think for the first minute that had the added one more at the end of the first half to make bourses the very comfortable little mistake attributed with a goal of his own straight after the break to complete the routes it was his sixteenth goal of a campaign so for nail the way the game finished the defending champions does recovered from saturday's shock one nil for his defeat of the season like a profit. all n.b.a. facilities will be opening on thursday with a lock outs affectively our players now aiming to get into top shape ahead of
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december ninth training camps but a looming christmas day starts a shortened sixty six game season didn't stop some of the league's stars from giving back the bron james as one way to carmelo anthony and chris paul distributing meals the families need in brooklyn about eight hundred people receiving boxes of food from the hands of some of basketball's most well known personalities meanwhile paul could easily be on the move now that free agency is set to start also on december the ninth and there are already plenty of rumored suitors for the star your name's hornets point guard the players simply glad to get back to their favorite sports and electrifying the fans. with the flip side of the legacy you see in the three to feel like you know my kids on christmas day. you know the excitement for the game you know when we all mr mom you guys all missed it more poorly our fans missed them you know saw that side of them that
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we've been dealing with a lot of for a long time before the story to get back. to the fans go back inside it was the best because. we're all excited to be altered. while a new jersey nets owner mikail prokhorov is looking to make his team a power play this year one of the n.b.a.'s most dominance big men's white howard is now the russians radar and that's six people for him and three the lucrative deal to ours are all on the magic the jersey but all for the future first round draft picks and their own sense or brook lopez through the magic for howard and twenty five year old howard is looking at a chance to play alongside the net star point guard there are williams. alberto contador says he's story getting next year's swords of france if he wins his appeal against drug suspension the court of arbitration for sport in switzerland ended the spanish cyclists hearing last week but the final decision isn't expected until the
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new year the twenty eight year old athlete still doesn't know whether he will be able to ride next season or not that's because of the war he's already planning for the year it's once it's well for. us underneath me i can and it will be a bit different to last year with a chinese structure from the stores now after the first part of the season in the month of april i will have a race to name which competition in june and to joe feeney laboring thinking about the. that's all for now but don't forget that some of the stories seen here are also available on our you tube channel at r.t. sports news where your comments are always more than welcome bill is moments away with all the news that's watching. touches it so much a lot of the malarial that. the same people in the gulf want to be of the
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